June 2008

How to Cure a Fear of Flying

Have a baby. Not while flying, because that would be messy and uncomfortable and generally unwise. But after you have said baby, one of the seldom-mentioned benefits of baby-having is that when you finally have the opportunity to travel on your own, you’re SO DAMN HAPPY to have a moment alone to read, to write,… Read more »

The Sexiest Pizzaman Alive

That last post was a bit sad, according to my sister. “Why are you always writing about death?” she asked me. “Can’t you write about puppies and rainbows and bubblegum?” Okay. I’m trying. Today I’m going to write about pizza. Our last night in Brooklyn, before we moved to Texas, we went to Lucali’s for… Read more »

Vita Nova

Right now I’m working on a new novel about a food writer and a poet. So I’m going to post about poetry a lot as well. I was just unpacking my books—my husband, daughter and I moved from Brooklyn, New York to Austin, Texas a few weeks ago—and as I unpacked Vita Nova by Louise… Read more »

Books, Chocolate, Sundries

I’ve joined the 21st century and am finally starting a blog. I figure I should actually try to stick to a subject here—so my plan is to talk about books and eating, which are my two favorite things. Although I don’t actually like to eat books. (My daughter, who is one and a half, loves… Read more »