July 2008

The Brian Lehrer Show, and Must-Read YA Titles

That was a lot of fun being on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC this morning! The segment is online here. One commenter asked me to recommend YA titles that would give an adult a sense of the richness of the genre. Here are a few of my favorite YA titles that I think have… Read more »

Coming Soon…

I’ve been at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference all week, and the last few days here will be a nonstop flurry of activity, so I’m going to post the rest of the outtakes when I get home. (And I’ll recap the conference, which has been amazing, as well.) So check back to read some great quotes… Read more »

NYTBR essay outtakes, Volume 2: Markus Zusak Interview

I was thrilled to interview Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, a novel I loved. In this interview he mentions To Kill A Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye, two classic novels which were originally published for adults, but are hugely popular among teens. Interestingly, several executives at major publishers told me that… Read more »

Some Clarifications

I seem to have had a few toes eaten by lit bloggers since my essay’s been published. They’ve misinterpreted a few things, and several people seem to have mistaken my “surprise” and “confusion” at my novel selling as YA for hand-wringing disappointment. I wasn’t filled with hand-wringing disappointment. In reality, having a book that I… Read more »

NYTBR essay outtakes, Volume 1: Mark Haddon Interview

Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was published in two simultaneous editions in Britian, one for adults and one for young adults. In America, it was almost published as YA–when the book was at auction here, a YA publisher bid on it, but did not win; it was published only… Read more »

New York Times Book Review Essay

My essay is in the New York Times Book Review! I’m really excited about this essay. I had a great time doing all the interviews—I interviewed over 25 authors, librarians, publishers, editors, and booksellers about the current state of YA literature, and the fine line between YA and adult lit, and I learned so much… Read more »

Writers’ Conference Frenzy

I meant to write a long, profound post about the value of writers’ conferences, but I’ve been busy with deadlines and packing and preparing to leave to go to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Tennessee. I keep flipping through my photo album from the last time I was at Sewanee, in 2001. I received a… Read more »

Tender Hooks

My husband went out of town so my daughter and I had some girl time this weekend. Girl time consists of: lounging on the couch watching I Love Lucy, eating chocolate chip cookies, reading a hundred board books, trying on shoes, watching Tina Fey impersonate a pirate on Sesame Street (she had an oddly posh… Read more »