November 2008

Loving Laurie Colwin

During this season of gleeful wanton gluttony, in between gorging on deep-fried turkey and deep-fried Milky Ways (Is there anything deep-fried that doesn’t taste good? Hmmm…no) I’ll be re-reading one of my favorite, favorite, favorite writers: Laurie Colwin. Laurie Colwin wrote about food and love and domesticity, about joyful misanthropes, levelheaded adulterers, and happy depressives—all… Read more »

Our Secret Society

Our (not-so-secret-anymore) Delacorte Dames & Dude Society is featured in Publisher’s Weekly! Here are a few outtakes from our photo session. Shana Burg, me, Varian Johnson, April Lurie, and Jenny Ziegler hanging out outside Bookpeople: Crouching behind bushes, hiding from elitist adult authors with snobby attitudes about YA: Inside Bookpeople, scandalously reading banned books:

Texas Book Festival photos

The Festival was so much fun. Here’s the pictorial recap. Me and Jennifer Ziegler at the children’s authors’ party: Claudia Guadalupe Martinez, Melissa de la Cruz, me, and Paula Yoo at the Not for Required Reading event: Martin Wilson, Michael Harmon, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Shannon Hale, Varian Johnson, Sheila Moses, and Travis Nichols at Not… Read more »

President Obama

I still can’t believe I get to write the words President Obama. I’m just as thrilled that Michelle will be in the White House alongside him, and that my daughter will get to watch Sasha and Malia grow up in the White House, while she grows up too. Check out these pictures of the Obama… Read more »

Do it for Susan, Elizabeth, and Ida

Colleen Mondor at Chasing Ray asked me to participate in Blog the Vote, which is uniting bloggers across the web to celebrate voting, and to write nonpartisan posts about why we vote and what it means to us. I voted early last week, and stepping into the voting booth, I had a quiver in my… Read more »