February 2009

Hot Vampire Cowboy Love

Our Delacorte Dames and Dude Society is profiled in the Austin Statesman today! (My husband said, “Why are you holding an umbrella when it’s not raining?” Well, it was raining when we got there…and the photographer told me to. He also said I should hold my red handbag, but I nixed that idea.) Vampire Cowboy… Read more »

11 AWP highlights and lowlights

1. Favorite overheard quote: “AWP is like speed dating 7,000 writers.” 2. Biggest mistake I made: Forgot to warn my friend Jim, who was embarking on his first AWP, about FADS (First AWP Despair Syndrome, in which the sufferer is unprepared for the experience of being surrounded by thousands of writers and the resulting angst… Read more »

I love M.I.A.

She didn’t win a Grammy last night for Paper Planes (She should’ve won! They robbed her!) but she is seriously my idol now, after performing on stage in a sheer dress, 9 months pregnant, on her DUE DATE. On my due date, hours before I went into labor, I went to a party for the… Read more »