March 2009


I’m leaving tomorrow for the Texas Library Association conference in Houston, and I’m really looking forward to it. This is my first conference since I went to NCTE/ALAN in November. One of the best parts of that conference was a dinner out one night with four fabulous women: Linda Sue Park, Nancy Werlin, Elizabeth Partridge,… Read more »

If you can’t make it home to Brooklyn…

…it’s nice when Brooklyn comes to you. I was in the airport last Sunday wondering: What is all of Williamsburg doing in the Austin airport? There were more hipsters than I’d seen in ages—tons of guys with shaggy hair, crayola-colored sweaters and matching crayola-colored sneakers, cigarettes dangling from their mouths as they waited for their… Read more »

If I Live to Be 100

While staying in a hotel last night, I came across a massive shelf of books that guests had left behind. I love seeing what books people read while traveling—there were a lot of mysteries and thrillers (but also, strangely, a copy of the reference book The Best in Children’s Books, 1985-1990 –left behind by a… Read more »