December 2009

14 NYTBR essay highlights, outtakes, & asides

1. A little backstory… I got the idea for this essay after I went to a small publishing conference for independent bookstores and local authors hosted at BookPeople here in Austin, TX. While hanging out with the staff afterward, we somehow got on the subject of shoplifted books. Steve, the owner, told me that the… Read more »

Josh Weil Interview

I met Josh Weil at the Sewanee Writer’s Conference last summer, when he was still finishing edits on his collection of novellas, The New Valley. The book was published by Grove this year, and when I read it, it took my breath away–the writing is stunning, and the final novella in the book is an… Read more »

Mad, Mad Love

I finally have a title for my new novel: Mad, Mad Love. The first draft is mostly finished, though I’m still revising it. This is probably my tenth title for the book…none of the previous working titles I had seemed quite right. It comes from a Mary Oliver poem which is included in the book…. Read more »