Back from Ann Arbor

I had an amazing time teaching at the 826 Michigan conference—I loved my students, and it was great to meet Betsy Lerner. I’d read Betsy’s book The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers ten years ago, when it first came out and all my writer friends were passing it around. She’s even more wonderful in person. She’s now an agent, partnered with Henry Dunow and Jennifer Carlson. Her blog is a must-read.

One of the great things about the 826 centers is that they each have a store—the Pirate Store, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, the Bigfoot Research Institute, and the Robot Supply & Repair Store. I hope that the next 826 that opens will have a Fairy and Ogre store. . . my daughter would love this. (As would I. What’s not to love about wee forest folk brandishing light bulbs?)

Also: I got to go to Zingerman’s twice. I had a nice long talk with the fish guy, who gingerly sliced a gigantic hunk of sable and packed me a little to-go meal. I would like to marry him.


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