The Garbage Plate and Other Eating Adventures

Our holiday travels to Rochester, NY brought a culinary discovery: the Garbage Plate. My husband grew up in Rochester, but he somehow never before mentioned that this is the signature dish of his native city. What, might you ask, is a garbage plate? It’s hash browns, macaroni salad, two hamburger patties or “two hots” (aka… Read more »

Loving Laurie Colwin

During this season of gleeful wanton gluttony, in between gorging on deep-fried turkey and deep-fried Milky Ways (Is there anything deep-fried that doesn’t taste good? Hmmm…no) I’ll be re-reading one of my favorite, favorite, favorite writers: Laurie Colwin. Laurie Colwin wrote about food and love and domesticity, about joyful misanthropes, levelheaded adulterers, and happy depressives—all… Read more »

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

In these uncertain political and economic times, what we need is some unconditional happiness. What we need is chocolate. I’ve been meaning to write about chocolate for months now (it being in the title of this blog) but got so distracted by various book-related shenanigans that I’ve been remiss in my duties. I apologize. So,… Read more »

The Sexiest Pizzaman Alive

That last post was a bit sad, according to my sister. “Why are you always writing about death?” she asked me. “Can’t you write about puppies and rainbows and bubblegum?” Okay. I’m trying. Today I’m going to write about pizza. Our last night in Brooklyn, before we moved to Texas, we went to Lucali’s for… Read more »