Witnessing History

I heard this story told by Sam Harmon on NPR three years ago, and I never forgot it; it made me cry when I first heard it, and when I’ve listened to it every time since. It’s such a sad, honest, and eloquently-told story of our country’s painful past, and it resonates even more profoundly… Read more »

Polls, polls, polls

I’ve become addicted to checking three election poll sites: Pollster, RealClearPolitics, and FiveThirtyEight. I’m not sure why I keep checking them almost every day. I think I just want to know what the outcome will be before I get my hopes up too much. This is probably partly because of the heartbreak of 2004, when… Read more »

Halloween Plans

I was brushing my hair the other day and had the sudden urge to attempt to style it in the fashion of the Crazy Polygamist Cult Ladies of Eldorado, TX. (When in Texas make like the natives, right?) Then I thought: Halloween! If I could round up a bunch of women and we all did… Read more »

How to Cure a Fear of Flying

Have a baby. Not while flying, because that would be messy and uncomfortable and generally unwise. But after you have said baby, one of the seldom-mentioned benefits of baby-having is that when you finally have the opportunity to travel on your own, you’re SO DAMN HAPPY to have a moment alone to read, to write,… Read more »