Three starred reviews, and a BookPeople contest

Calling all writers in need of some manuscript advice! BookPeople in Austin, TX is offering signed pre-orders of Kissing in America, and everyone who pre-orders will be entered into a raffle to win a free half-hour manuscript consultation for yourself or a friend, for up to 20 pages of fiction or nonfiction. I can’t wait… Read more »

Starred Booklist review and Goodreads giveaway

I’m excited to share that Kissing in America has its second starred review, from Booklist! Here’s an excerpt–the full review will be posted April 1st: ★ “[A] rollicking, eye-opening cross-country bus adventure. This is a smart teen’s novel…all Rabb’s characters are authentic and complex, including the adults who are trying desperately to do the right thing for… Read more »


Welcome, weary internet wanderer! Thank you for visiting my new website, featuring a self-portrait with cat fur, links to my essays and short stories, and ways to get in touch. My new novel, Kissing in America, will be published on May 26th, and it just got its first review! I’m currently working on another new novel… Read more »