Halloween Plans

I was brushing my hair the other day and had the sudden urge to attempt to style it in the fashion of the Crazy Polygamist Cult Ladies of Eldorado, TX. (When in Texas make like the natives, right?) Then I thought: Halloween! If I could round up a bunch of women and we all did our hair like that….we’d have the best costumes EVER. There’s a photo essay in last Sunday’s Times Magazine about these ladies, and there’s a picture of a toddler who looks to be about my daughter’s age, in a mini version of one of those weird candy-colored floor-length Cult Lady dresses. So of course I thought, if I could sew, would I make my daughter dress up as a Weird Polygamist Cult Baby as well? Nah…I’m not quite THAT depraved. (Though I did consider it for a minute or two.)

Coming soon: Back to our regularly scheduled programming, with the inside scoop from Barnes & Noble, and more from Peter Cameron, Francesca Lia Block, and Stephen Chbosky.

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