Mad Garden Love

I have a new essay in the New York Times today about 25-year-old grief and falling madly in love with Chanticleer Garden.

When I started writing it, I was trying to figure out why I was so obsessed with this garden–I wasn’t sure. It was only through talking to Chris Fehlhaber, the gardener quoted in the essay, that I began to understand it. It also took a long time to understand what exactly about Chanticleer evoked such strong emotions. I’ve visited gardens all over, but there’s no other garden I love as much.

The writing process for this one was incredibly long–at one point my draft was over 40 pages single-spaced! I loved paring it down, which feels sort of like hunting for buried treasure. (In a really circuitous way.)

Thank you for reading it! Here are some of my photos of Chanticleer. Hope you can visit it in person. You might find me writing there in my secret tree.

2 Responses to “Mad Garden Love”

  1. Nancy

    HI! I just read your lovely story about the garden. It is beautiful and moving and hit the spot. Dont’cha just hate it when other people decide when and where and for how long you are allowed to have your feelings? This has been on my mind lately. The grief you have been carrying was waiting for a safe place to live. Im not crazy about changes, but the changes found in a garden are interesting and welcome. Even when things die. I look forward to reading everything you have written.

    • Margo

      Thank you so much for your lovely words! That’s so true–it seems the whole world has judgments and restrictions on our feelings. Thank you for reading the essay and sharing your thoughts with me!


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