My Election Boyfriend

I’ve ditched my other election poll sites and am going steady with Nate Silver at 538. I love Nate. His analysis is so much more thorough and intelligent than the other sites, and he’s not afraid to take them on and show them who’s boss—in fact he recently got in a little fight with the guy at Real Clear Politics, which is kind of funny to read. (I am definitely on Nate’s side.)

Nate’s been holding my hand through this whole crazy election cycle, through the iffy times and now when things are looking good. At the moment he says there’s almost a 90% statistical probability that Obama gets elected. But who knows what the Republicans are going to pull out of their sleeves yet?

Whatever happens, I’m glad I have Nate* to guide me through it. Plus he’s on the Colbert Report tonight!

*(My husband is totally okay with me having an Election Boyfriend, btw, and has been known to ask, “Did your Election Boyfriend have any news today?”)

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