Chocolate News (vol. 1)

I’m not sure why the writing advice books don’t ever mention the necessity of chocolate to finishing a book. I’m deep in revision mode, which means I’m stockpiling the chocolate. I was thrilled to read in the news not long ago that chocolate (and hot chocolate and chocolate milk) is also healthy. I love it… Read more »

Chocolate, Revisited

I haven’t posted in a while–I’ve been in writing-hermit mode, working on lots of projects: a new YA novel; finishing a short story collection (3/4 done); and several essays due shortly. And of course motherhood and various sundry stuff and things. But I’m poking my head out of hiding because yesterday I had the BEST… Read more »

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

In these uncertain political and economic times, what we need is some unconditional happiness. What we need is chocolate. I’ve been meaning to write about chocolate for months now (it being in the title of this blog) but got so distracted by various book-related shenanigans that I’ve been remiss in my duties. I apologize. So,… Read more »