Two Months in the World

Kissing in America has been out for two months now, and after spending so many years writing it, I still can’t quite believe it’s out there in the world. May and June were a whirlwind of travel–I had a lot of fun at book events on the Epic Reads book tour, and at BookPeople in Austin, TX. Here I am with  Liz Garton Scanlon after our event:


Most importantly, there was CAKE.



Lots of reviews have come in–here are a few excerpts and links:

The New York Times Book Review: “Funny and big-hearted . . . bursting with resonant themes of love, death, family, art and identity, fully embodied in a diverse cast of wonderfully fallible and entertaining characters.”

The Chicago Tribune: “Tender, expansive . . . Eva is a likable, sympathetic character whose horizons expand literally — during a New York-to-L.A. bus trip with a friend — and metaphorically.”

The Boston Globe: “‘Kissing in America’ is a road-trip story with humor and heart.”

In other news, we’re about to move for the second time in about six months. We’ve finally bought our first home.


(We’re not really moving to The Shire, though I would like to.)

I’ll post more soon, once we’re done unpacking!

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