Welcome, weary internet wanderer! Thank you for visiting my new website, featuring a self-portrait with cat fur, links to my essays and short stories, and ways to get in touch.

My new novel, Kissing in America, will be published on May 26th, and it just got its first review! I’m currently working on another new novel and several new essays. We just moved back to the east coast after seven years in Austin, TX, so I’m also adjusting to a new city and to winter again. It reached a low of -7 degrees the other day, so I’m wearing not only my Lucky Writing Pants as I type this, but a scarf and microwaveable heated slippers. I think I may stay inside until spring.

If your web travels have brought you here because you happen to be looking for a quick read about a dead cat, you’re in luck! I published a new essay recently, titled “In My Cat’s Death, a Human Comfort” (much better than my working title of “Dead Cat Essay”).

Thanks for visiting!

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