Witnessing History

I heard this story told by Sam Harmon on NPR three years ago, and I never forgot it; it made me cry when I first heard it, and when I’ve listened to it every time since. It’s such a sad, honest, and eloquently-told story of our country’s painful past, and it resonates even more profoundly after the inauguration. Definitely listen to it if you can.

Yay Obama! On a lighter, fashion-related note: How much did I love Michelle’s inauguration dress and green gloves? And Malia and Sasha’s coats? (Although I hope Rick Warren’s very weird “Ma-leee-a! And Sashaaa!” intonations leave my head soon. Did he intend to sound like he was introducing them at a Vegas child beauty pageant?) I’m also coveting Jill Biden’s stiletto boots. I’m planning on wearing stiletto boots when I’m 57 also. Here she is with Lynne Cheney, in a One of These Things Is Not Like the Other moment:

If you happen to live in Austin, I’m performing a five-minute monologue Friday night at Five Things:

The subject is women talking about men and their various grooming/icky habits. I’ll be talking about one of the worst jobs I ever had, cleaning men’s bathrooms.

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